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Class of 1956 | Class of 2017

Art is Kelsey's grandfather and a first-generation college graduate in their family. Since Art graduated, he has seen his son, daughter, and two granddaughters graduate from UofL. This is a family truly full of Cardinal pride.

Blaze a path for future Cardinals like Art has.


Class of 1956

Why did you choose to attend UofL?

I am the first person in my family to attend college and had no encouragement to attend.  I was fortunate to attend Atherton High School in Louisville.  Parents of a great many of my fellow students were the business people in Louisville and expected their children to attend college.  I aspired to be like them and decided to follow them to college.  Most of the students planned to attend UofL and live at home.  I enrolled and knew quite a few of the students, since they also attended Atherton.

What class made the strongest impact on you and has stuck with you after graduating?

My favorite class was English. I had a wonderful professor, Dr. William Eckstrom, for whom one of the campus buildings is named.  The rules I learned in his class provided me with skills that I constantly used throughout my career. 

What activities and organizations were you involved in?

I am a member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity and still support the chapter through attendance at functions. I still meet with fraternity brothers and have worked with some of them during my business career.  I was involved in intramural sports and continue to be involved in athletics.

Tell us about your life after graduating from UofL.

I have been retired for many years.  Prior to my retirement I worked at First National Bank for 38 years and retired from there a couple of years after its merger with National City Corporation.  My Business degree and the knowledge gained during the classes taken in the school prepared me for my career in Banking.  Many of my Business School classmates were later associates, and our class of 43 graduates was one of the first classes of the Business School.  Although my graduation preceded the use of computers, my background in Accounting and other business skills was important in my becoming the bank’s first Programmer and ultimately the Director of Data Processing and Operations of First National, the largest bank in Kentucky during those times.

The University of Louisville has always been an important part of my life, and I continue to support the school as a donor and season ticket holder of Football and Men and Women’s Basketball.  I attend many of the school events and even provided the University with a Son, Daughter, and two Granddaughters as graduates.  I even have another Granddaughter who works at the University.

What’s your favorite UofL memory?

I grew up in Crescent Hill and have always lived in Louisville.   I have been to many other places, but this is by far the best.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree, and my most memorable experience was having my name called and receiving my degree on the Quadrangle in 1956.  Other memorable events involved fraternity events such as intramural sports, Homecoming, and University happenings.

If you had to choose a college again, would you choose UofL?

There is no question that I would choose UofL again, if I had to select a college to attend.  The size, location, cost, collegiality, and quality of the education are but a few of the reasons for choosing this University.  Many of the graduates remain in Louisville, and it is likely that the friendships gained in school will be of benefit during your career.


Class of 2017

Why did you choose to attend UofL?

UofL offers a Criminal Justice Master’s program that is 100% online. This format allowed me to continue working full time while also taking a full load of classes, something that other nearby universities did not offer.

Is there a particular class that’s had an impact on you? Why?

Crime & Criminal Justice in the Cinemas – CJ 500. This class required each student to watch 14 movies in a 6-week time span. Each movie depicted a different type of crime or criminal justice scenario, including enforcement of segregation, witchcraft and drug use. It helped me to realize there is more to a movie than entertainment.

After graduation, I plan to…

Continue working for the University of Louisville Alumni Association so that I can help other UofL alumni stay connected with their alma mater after graduation. I also plan to seek volunteer opportunities in and around Louisville, KY where I can exercise my criminal justice interests. 

How is UofL preparing you for life after college?

Being a student at UofL has given me the opportunity to build relationships and connections with other UofL students, faculty and staff that will benefit me after college is over.

If I had $1000 to donate to UofL, I’d give it to…

If I had $1000 to donate to UofL, I would give my money to raiseRED. raiseRED is a student run dance marathon that raises money to support the children, families and doctors fighting pediatric cancer at UofL. I would choose this cause to donate to because these children affected by pediatric cancer are the future alumni of the University of Louisville and they deserve to live a full, healthy life!


Louisville, KY


Criminal Justice

Favorite location on campus?

Red Barn

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