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Meet Alexsis

Her experience at UofL made her into a better leader and listener: “Coming to UofL has humbled me. I’m now able to sit back and listen to other people, knowing we’re all trying to achieve the same goals.” As a scholarship recipient, Alexsis receives support from donors like you that makes her education possible: “To my donors, thank you. With out you, I would not be able to have the college career that I’ve had. Because of you all, I’m in my junior year here and I’m doing so well!" Alexis is a junior communications major, ROTC Cadet, AVIATOR, Woodford R. Porter Scholar, and homecoming court finalist in 2016.

Meet Dylan

As a freshman at UofL coming from rural Ohio, his friends all called him “Big Country”. Dylan is planning for a career with the federal government or in the intelligence field. Describing how his time at UofL has shaped him, he says: "The city and university introduced me to new cultures that have helped shape me into who I am today and achieve things I never would have been able to in my small town in Ohio.” Dylan also credits his professors and other university staff with shaping him: “The faculty and staff have been role models, helping me to become a better man while working to complete my education.” Keeping his small town roots, he now sees himself as a budding scholar on the path to a promising future. Dylan is a senior political science major with plans to graduate in May 2017.

“UofL is preparing me to make an impact by not only teaching me the knowledge to understand the world, but also helping me become someone who will make an impact."

Meet Gina

She came to UofL thinking she would get her education degree and impact students in Louisville after graduation. As a sophomore education major, Gina now sees limitless opportunities in her future: “The passion of my professors and fellow students for different cultures has inspired me to explore new environments and open my horizons to all that there is to learn.” Gina hopes to teach math and is considering how she might use her Spanish language skills to teach abroad. Looking to the future, she says, "I plan to continue challenging myself with new activities outside of my curriculum because I understand the benefit it will have for my future self.” Gina is a sophomore majoring in secondary education with a track in math.

"UofL is preparing me to make an impact by teaching lifelong skills which will help me think of creative ways to motivate and inspire my future students and others around me."

Meet Ashleigh

She came to UofL from Bowling Green looking to surround herself with good people and receive the training she needed to work in sport administration. Along the way, Ashleigh has received educational opportunities and found a connection with her heritage: "I decided to add a minor in Pan-African Studies to better understand where I came from and how I got here.” Beyond the classroom, Ashleigh is pushing herself and expanding the boundaries of her education as a CONECT student mentor. Mentoring 19 UofL freshmen has provided her the chance to shape not only herself but also the students coming up behind her: “Mentoring at UofL has given me a chance to look at myself and realize I want a chance to improve not just myself, but everything around me.” Ashleigh is a sophomore sports administration major.

"UofL is preparing me to make an impact by giving me the opportunity to be better prepared—to learn in the classroom and in real life."

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