The Fund for UofL is the annual giving program for University of Louisville alumni and friends. It provides the cornerstone for UofL's success.

Your annual support of the Fund for UofL helps keep the university affordable for students, provides opportunities for learning and discovery, and ensures UofL's progress as a major metropolitan research university.

Your annual participation is key! Tax-deductible gifts to the Fund for UofL provide a steady source of support for academic programs and give the university the flexibility to meet emerging needs and challenges.

And annual support from alumni helps improve UofL's national rankings and reputation. Demonstrate your vote of confidence and loyalty by giving to the Fund for UofL. Together, our gifts make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my Fund for UofL gift go?

When you make a gift to the Fund for UofL, you may designate your gift to a UofL school or college or the UofL Libraries. Or if you have a specific area you wish to support, let us know by writing your designation in the "Other" field. Once we receive your gift, we follow current policy to place it in an account designated for the priority you selected.

UofL is a state-funded institution. Why does it need private support?

Like most public universities, UofL has seen a decline in state support over the years. Currently, state appropriations account for just 15 percent of the university's budget. Tuition and fees account for another 18 percent. That leaves 66 percent that must be made up other ways-including tax-deductible gifts from alumni and friends.

Why is alumni support so important?

Gifts help fund such priorities as scholarships, building renovations, classroom and laboratory upgrades and research opportunities. In addition, publications such as U.S. News and World Report rank universities in part on the percentage of alumni who give back. And many foundations consider alumni giving rates when deciding to support a university. Show your loyalty by making a gift to UofL. Together, we all make a difference!

What does the Fund for UofL Office do?

The staff of our Fund for UofL Office solicit gifts through the UofL Phonathon, email and direct mail and by meeting potential donors one-on-one. The Fund for UofL also has a number of volunteers who encourage others to give.

What is the UofL Phonathon?

The Phonathon is staffed by friendly UofL students who call alumni and friends to invite supporters to donate to UofL. Learn more.

How can I double my gift?

A way to maximize your generosity to UofL is through a Matching Gift Program. Some companies will match employee gifts 1:1 or even 5:1. To find out if your company offers this benefit, visit our Matching Gift Company Search page.